Combating Ransomware & Insider Threats

Your company may be at risk of Ransomware, Insider Threats and costly litigations.
TechSolnZ provides a Cyber Security Application which reduces your company’s exposure to all of these. Our Application implements an Attributes Based Access Control (ABAC) approach, ensuring only those with those adhering to the applicable policies gain access to the data. Below is an illustration of this application.

Classified Information Collaboration & Sharing 

  • Our zero-trust, ABAC platform allows for secure Joint/Coalition environment information sharing to the classified level.
  • Increase productivity while managing information compliance and security requirements.
  • Enable secure, accredited compartmentalized collaboration out of the box to immediately increase compliance and cyber resiliency – cost effectively and with less resources.

    Advanced Information Protection for Microsoft

    • Get enhanced data-centric protection for your Microsoft 365 apps, Teams and SharePoint (online/on-premises).
    • Define granular attribute-based policies to dynamically control access, usage and sharing (e.g. classification, organization, etc.).
    • Discover and redact sensitive information, hide sensitive files, and more.

    The Benefits of Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC)

    Combatting Ransomware

    ABAC provides the capability to apply one or many policies to a piece of information, data, or service to allow different access permissions under different scenarios.
    This application leverages the attributes of the CONTENT, PLUS the attributes of the USER in making a determination on what data to provide access or to hide. In other words, assuming an intruder gets past the physical and firewall security protections, they will NOT see any Data at all!!. That’s what we want. The intruder will not be able to steal or corrupt any of your data. Even if they were to try and install malware, they will loose access to those files also, due to lack of applicable permissions.

    Combatting Insider Threats

    How We Address Cyber Security Challenges

    Combatting Ransomware

    Additional Capabilities:

    Supports both On-Premises or Cloud Environments
    Supports FedRAMP Compliant Cloud Environments

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